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Matching is an important activity in food flavour developmnent. Not all flavours are born through trend spotting and innovative ingredients. Many of the most successful flavours are ones that have been matched. Foodmaker have the ability to match a flavour from various sources. One of your current seasonings, an off the shelf finished product or even a flavour from other sectors.

We will work with our customers when matching a product to understand your aims. This maybe to achieve a reduction in cost on a like for like basis, or if your supplier is unable to maintain supply, we can help by offering an alternative source.

When working with us on a Matching project, our customers will benefit from:
  • Dedicated Development Specialist for each brief
  • Partner discussion on your aims of the match
  • Technology enhanced communication to speed up the matching processes
  • Full Sensory Evaluation trained team to ensure an accurate match
You can find out more about out Sensory Evaluation techniques on this page. Contact us to discuss your matching requirements and see what the benefits are to you.
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab

Our Matching Technology

A lot of the technology we use during our matching process is a secret, but what we can tell you is that Foodmaker use a unique powerful technology to reverse engineer the declaration of a seasoning. This software analyses the declaration and gives our Development Specialists accurate initial information of the ingredients and levels in the recipe. Using this software reduces a lot of the trial and error that is involved at the beginning of a match project.

To further enhance our process we use sensitive lab equipment to analyse component parts, from multi-layer sieves to titration and specific gravity tests to identify the raw materials.

The Foodmaker Development Specialists are analysing and interpreting this data at every step of the way. The 60 years of experience within this team, along with their sensory skills, allows them to identify further developments required in the recipe to achieve an exact match.


To ensure our match is accurate before it is presented to the customer, Foodmaker will run various evaluation techniques and assess the seasoning. We have put a lot of time and resource ensuring the evaluation techniques we use are enhanced by scientific protocol to guarantee what we present to the customer is right. Our sensory techniques include:

  • Key Attributes
    Key attributes of a seasoning are assessed and logged by our trained panel. By using this technology we can repeat this process and overlay various versions of a match to give a visual representation to our team and customer.
    Try our Spidergram Software here
  • Triangle Testing
    Foodmaker operate to British Standards BS EN ISO 4120:2007 Sensory Analysis
  • Hedonic Testing
    We use a 9-Point Hedonic Scale to assess like-ability. The range of possible scores is from Dislike Extremely through to Like Extremely. We use this test mainly in final products; to assess if the consumer scores a one product higher than another. A simple test of likability.
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab

Using our Pilot Plant to enhance the match

Our Pilot Plant has many different uses. We will always aims to conduct a bespoke presentation of the matching project we have been working on for you. This will include presenting the match in raw material form and in finished product.

In the pilot plant Foodmaker can handle 40kg of mix at a time. Creating these finished products within a production environment, rather than kitchen trials, gives you a true reflection of our matching capabilities on a larger scale. Find out more about our facilities here.

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