Tailored Development Kitchen

As part of Foodmaker's £1,000,000 investment programme our development kitchen has been bespoke designed and created to fit the needs of our customers, also to allow the flexibility we need to keep up with the ever changing food industry. Some of Foodmaker's more unique cooking methods include:
  • Steam ovens
  • Indoor BBQ
  • Work surface mounted deep fat fryer
  • Teppanyaki plate
In our Development Kitchen we also have presentation and triangle testing areas. We invite our customer base to use this development space, not only with us to develop your products but also for you to present to your customers in a bespoke development kitchen. Our Development Specialists will always be on hand to help.

Foodmaker would love to show you around, contact us to arrange your tour.

Technology Led Production Facility

Offering savings through efficiency, offering reliability through accuracy and offering consistency through experience. These are aims that Foodmaker achieve within our technology led production area and QC department. With a fully integrated, in house written, bespoke computerised process which allows for control checks at every step, the production and QA team in Foodmaker are always ensuring critical controls are met.

Foodmaker use a vertical manufacturing process, vibratory conveying and final stage metal detection to ensure specs and the high quality expectations of our customers are achieved.

All this is being operated by a team that have accumulated over 150 years of experience.

Contact us to arrange your tour.


Pilot Plant

Foodmaker understand that securing production line trials can be difficult and development time is expensive. In our Pilot Plant we can now work with you to replicate your process without interrupting any production at your own site. By taking advantage of our Pilot Plant it’s an ideal opportunity to get your product out to a test market within a short time scale, giving the consumer the opportunity to taste and feedback.

Using this facility also allows our customers to work directly with the Foodmaker Development team. If there are any tweaks required to the product after we've ran a trial with you in the Pilot Plant we can make them instantly. Usually we'll achieve several trials of a product in a single day meaning you leave with the best possible seasoning for your requirements and customer.

We actively encourage our customers to use this facility, in the expectation that one-day we will see the next generation of products on our shelves.

Contact us for more information on how we can help.

Creative Technology

As a technology driven company we benefit from various softwares that are written in house, bespoke for our process. This gives tremendous benefit for us and the customer. If any enhancements can be made to our processes by the inclusion of technology we will make it; saving us time and meaning we can pass these efficiencies to the customer in cost saving. Some of our own unique softwares assist in:
  • Production Software – allows us to control and add in critical controls, also run ad-hoc reporting for customer requirements
  • FREDA – Our own market research tool
  • Customer Log In – retrieve specification, pricing and financial information, request samples and leave sample feedback all within your own customer log in area
  • Direct links to the Foodmaker team – we use all of our Creative Tech to bring the customer closer to the Foodmaker team to speed up developments and improve communication

Manufacturing Standards

  • Foodmaker site is BRC Grade AA approved
    view our BRC certificate  BRC Cert
  • Regular retail audits
  • Nut Free site
  • Allergen controlled production
  • Access to Organic and Halal production
  • HACCP compliant
  • TACCP compliant
  • Comprehensive traceability back to the seed

Packaging Options

Ensuring ease of production for our customers is key. Our packing machines offer extremely accurate fill weights allowing us to pack in standard or specific batch sizes from 0.5 to 20kg in blue sachets, rip n flow sacks, or in pails.

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