Product Improvement Service

Foodmaker's Product Improvement service is aimed at current seasonings that are in production. Foodmaker will take your existing product, reverse engineer it, and analyse each of the current ingredients. Our Development Specialists will provide advice and suggestions to help improve your recipe without losing any flavour or functionality.

Some of the reasons customers, current and new, come to us to improve their products are:
  • Removing Undesirable Raw Materials
  • Re-engineer Products to Reduce Cost
  • Replicate Recipes For Other Dietary Requirements
  • Rejuvenate an ailing flavour
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab

Recipe Analysis

Have you got recipes that you have been using for years without change? One of Foodmaker's popular services is an analysis of all current recipes.

Many recipes have been set up and unchanged throughout the years, though ingredients have changed significantly in that time so you may be able to remove or reduce the ingredients in such recipes offering a great cost saving without any change to flavour or functionality.

Foodmaker saved an average of 14%! on a recent project with one of its customers.


To ensure our improved seasoning hasn't changed flavour or functionality, Foodmaker will run various evaluation techniques and assess the seasoning. We have put a lot of time and resource ensuring the evaluation techniques we use are enhanced by scientific protocol to guarantee what we present to the customer is right. Our sensory techniques include:

  • Triangle Testing
  • Foodmaker operate to British Standards BS EN ISO 4120:2007 Sensory Analysis
  • Key Attributes
    Key attributes of a seasoning are assessed and logged by our trained panel. By using this technology we can repeat this process and overlay various versions of a match to give a visual representation to our team and customer.
    Try our Spidergram Software here.
  • Hedonic Testing
    We use a 9-Point Hedonic Scale to assess like-ability. The range of possible scores is from Dislike Extremely through to Like Extremely. We use this test mainly in final products; to assess if the consumer scores a one product higher than another. A simple test of likability.
Foodmaker Lab
Foodmaker Lab

Our Knowledge Base

We stay ahead of the competition by many innovative activities; and knowledge is one of those.

Our Knowledge systems are made up from various data sources; from the FDA, market research, suppliers, customers etc. The main systems that we draw knowledge from include:
  • Worldwide Spice Harvests
  • EC Plant Numbers
  • Undesirable Raw Materials
  • FSA Salt Targets
  • Allergens
Click here to understand more about the data sets we use in our key areas. All databases let you have a limited result set so you can see the value we hold.

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