Our Raw Materials

There is currently a trend in the market that consumers are no longer trying to take out ingredients from their food, but actually add ingredients in...for health purposes of course. Many of the raw materials we use are said to offer health benefits to the consumer; garlic, ginger, chilli etc and many food manufacturers are capatlising on this trend.

Here at Foodmaker one of our main goals is to source the best quality and reliable supply of raw materials, we have a strong focus on provenance and work very closly with our supplier in Italy to understand the process these raw materials go through to make them safe for use. From steam sterilalisation to various micro and organoleptic testing, Foodmaker ensure we're sourcing the best.

Click on the raw materials to see in which recipes these raw materials are found, and to find out a bit more about them.
We source our raw materials from all corners of the globe. The link below shows you the very diverse supply chain we have to acheive the best flavour results.
Spice Map

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